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I have a submission. As I was walking to the library on campus, I noticed one of my freshmen friends walking around. I proceed to wave at him and he doesn't wave back. As I got closer he finally waves back but then says this to me "I didn't wave at you because I was not sure who you were. I didn't want to wave at a random black stranger because you might bust a cap in my ass." After that I tell him that you just stereotyped me, BYE!!!!!!!!! and then I leave.


This made me laugh so hard!

Hmm,kind of over these bullshit attitudes.





look at this card

i really don’t want a popular post please i just wanted you guys to LOOK at the card


Anyone else been in that mood that’s a mixture between confused, sad, pissed the fuck off, enraged, annoyed and fed up?


Mr & Mrs Fraser. (x)
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Fighting is like universe. It's the same shit everywhere


That’s deep